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School Group Bus Rentals

Our Services Covers Tours for Academic, Cultural or School Community Improvement Projects. We are your complete School Tour Partner.

School group bus rentals in South Africa have always followed a trend of combining curriculum or community work with local sightseeing. Whether you wish to assist local Schools with Arts and Drama development, Sustainable Initiatives, namely vegetable garden development, and the like, we have the expertise to assist you and your School in making your school tour a success.

We have assisted University and School Groups from the USA, Germany, Italy, UK, South Korea and Scandinavia to name a few.

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Enjoy These Benefits

– Affordable School Group Tour bus hire rates
– Professional Insight and Experience to provide the right bus hire solution for your School Tour in line with your budget
– Professional on – site Staff to coordinate logistics where required
– A wealth of knowledge, experience and up to date knowledge about all sightseeing activities and places of interest
– 24 Hour Emergency Operational Support during your School Tour
– Quick emergency decision making in the event of last minute programme/itinerary changes

7 Seaters To 60 Seaters

We Are Your Tour Partner

School Tour Groups Always Require Value Added Services

– Luxury coach and semi – luxury bus hire for various projects in all regions in Southern Africa
– Professional individual and/or group airport transfer services
– Full museum and heritage sites ticket booking service
– Registered National Tour Guides available for local Day Tours as required

Combine your itinerary objectives with our experience

Valuable Add-On Services

We can also include various cultural tours, technical tours or educational tours into your itinerary for your group tour while in South Africa.

Ensuring Your Comfort

Our school group bus rentals service not only stops there, but we offer a list of value add on services for your tour. We will always go the extra mile for you, whether asked to do so or not. The result is a wonderful school tour, filled with joyful memories and great success.

Simply send your itinerary to us, to receive a detailed quotation on the many options we can offer including optional extras where applicable and required.

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