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The 39 Seater Luxury Coach Rental

The 39 seater luxury charter bus is ideal for small to medium group travel. The coaches’ interior is unbelievably spacious with upmarket luxury features. The onboard fridge keeps your water and drinks cool for those long distance trips.

With Large Luggage Compartments

The 39 seater luxury Hyundai coach is the ideal coach for Groups with more than usual luggage burdens. It has a small overflow luggage space inside the coach as well. This is situated at the back of the coach. Luggage, supplies,  can be loaded into the under-carriage compartments.

Hyundai Universal Coach

39 Seater Luxury Coach Features

  • ample seats available, this being 39 seats

  • the padded reclining seats are spacious and comfortable complete with armrests

  • generously equipped with air-conditioning and a heating system

  • two entrance boarding points on some coach models

  • onboard emergency toilet with wash basin

  • up 30% window tint to remove the sting of a hot summers sun rays through the coach window

  • blinds/curtains for those longer travel distances when you want to catch a snooze

  • sufficient overhead parcel shelves to stow your rucksack, laptop bag or general small baggage

  • individual reading lights for night traveling

  • PA with microphone/Radio/DVD/CD/USB entertainment system controlled by the tour driver

  • onboard refrigerator to hold refreshing drinks cool while on tour

  • cup holders positioned behind each seat for your drink

Safe And Reliable Transportation

Affordable Bus Hire Pricing

A luxury touring bus of this standard available for hire in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban, is readily available. The bus hire prices based on this 39 seater bus is both affordable and very possible, it is surprising.

Ideal for Sports Groups

This coach rental option is quite popular among sports groups. Football teams, rugby clubs and athletics groups find this bus suitable for their transport needs. Its comfort, space and luggage capacity makes it perfect for their needs.

39 Seater Features

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